The Monterey Jazz Festival, the Salinas Rodeo, the Carmel Bach Festival, and the Pebble Beach gol​f tournaments are all examples of destination activities on the Monterey Peninsula. When these events occur, hotels, restaurants, and local businesses thrive. People from all over the country are in attendance.

     The communities of Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Sand City, and Marina have local fairs and commercial establishments that draw people, but there isn't an event or venue that attracts people from outside of the region.

     At the top of Obama Avenue on Fort Ord is a vacant property giving us the land to construct The Seaside Regional Multicultural Center which will reflect on the diverse population that lives here. I propose that we construct a building consisting of several rooms, a 300-seat indoor theater, and below the building a 2,000-seat amphitheater facing the bay.

      Gardens would surround the facility, and there would be cultural activities, such as folk dancing, and cooking classes. Multicultural events in the theaters would be held year-round. Concerts in the evening during the spring and summer would feature big names in the entertainment industry. A wide range of seating would be available including Inexpensive seats on the grass surrounding the amphitheater.

      I propose that the Monterey County Supervisors establish a commission composed of all stakeholders to explore the development and funding of The Seaside Regional Multicultural Center.

Benefits of The Multicultural Center

• Seaside will become a destination as people come from various places to attend concerts and other types of events.

• Prominent artists will perform in the theater and amphitheater.

• Many of the events will be culturally oriented.

• Cultural groups will offer classes such as folk dancing and crafts.

• Local hotels, restaurants, and businesses will see increased income.

• People will be hired to manage the events.

• This will become a venue for weddings and quinceañeras.

• New sources of revenue for local businesses will become available.

• The conditions will be ideal for a regional theater company.

• Space will be available for a children's theater program.

• The Seaside Regional Multicultural Center will be a source of pride for the residents of Seaside, Marina, Del Rey Oaks, and Sand City.