The residents of Monterey County deserve an accountable government where fairness is in the forefront so everyone feels respected and valued.

– Alex Miller

Accountability today makes tomorrow better for everyone.

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Monterey County government doesn’t work equally well for all of its residents. I will ask the hard questions and propose alternative solutions to ensure accountability, fairness, and respect for everyone served by our county. I have proposals that address government accountability,  homelessness, modernizing current practices, and developing ways to unite our communities.

As of June 30, my opponents have each raised $100,000. I refuse to spend the time and make the promises necessary to raise these obscene amounts of money. My plan is to do grassroots organizing and conduct a credible campaign without any paid staff. Given my faith in the people of District 4, I know that they won't be fooled by outside consultants and companies providing slick advertising campaigns.

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